[MANUAL BDI] How to reset your Apple ID security questions

Resetting security questions

Last year, Apple adopted greater security measures on App Store accounts (known as Apple ID) for the protection of users. One of these measures was the obligation to determine three security questions, with different answers each (read “Apple adopts security question system on iTunes accounts also in Brazil“). They are important because they make it difficult for others to access your account without your permission.

The problem is that, as the questions are pre-established, over time many users end up forgetting the answers they gave.

Learn how to reset them and take care not to forget them anymore.

The moment you recorded the answers to the three questions, Apple also asked you for an alternate email so that it could send all recovery messages. However, as it is optional, not everyone does, even though it is a very important safety factor. The tip of this tutorial is only for those who informed this other email address, different from the one used in the Apple ID, as this is where Apple will send the link for you to reset your questions.

Check step by step:

If you previously defined an alternate email:

❖ Step 1: Enter this address (link) and connect with your Apple ID.

Log in to your Apple ID

❖ Step 2: Once connected, click on the tab Password and security. You will see two questions and below, a recovery link. If you don’t remember the right answers, click on this link.

Response reset link

❖ Step 3: Now look for the email sent by Apple to your alternate account set up as a recovery address. In it, you will find the link to reset the questions. You will not be informed of the answers you gave before, but you must configure three more from scratch.

Of course, this is only for those who remember your Apple ID password. Who lost it, just request a new one at this address.

The golden rule is write down the questions and answers you choose in a safe place that you can consult when you need them. And, mainly, define a security recovery email, so you can always get help if you need to recover passwords and responses. If you haven’t already, do it before you need to. ?

If you have not defined a recovery email:

It may happen that the link to reset the questions (in step 2 explained above) does not appear. In this case, it is because you have not previously defined an alternative email for recovery. In this case, you will have to contact Apple directly by phone. The problem for some is that this assistance is in English only. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Access the ExpressLane Apple at this link and define where you are.

Step 2: From the menu, select Account Management and then the first option in the list that appears, Forgotten Apple ID security questions.

Apple Support - Account Management

Apple Support

Step 3: A page will appear, allowing you to have an Apple technician call you. This can happen immediately or at a time you set.

Apple Support

Step 4: Enter your details and a phone number for Apple technicians to call you. click in Continue.

Step 5: Wait for them to call you. Then ask support to have security issues redefined. They will ask you some personal questions to make sure you are you, such as the number of your credit card associated with the account, or the serial number of any device that has had access to the account.

It is worth remembering that if you live in Brazil but have an account in another country, talking directly with Apple risks them closing your account, because in theory, you cannot have an account in a country in which you do not live.

If none of these solutions solved your problem, I am sorry, but it is not possible to recover your answers. Apple is strict with its security, which is even great for us to rest assured that our accounts are protected.

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