[Manual BDI] How to put an HTML signature in your emails, the right way

Since iOS 6, Apple has introduced a really cool feature: it allowed you to put HTML signatures in emails, which allows them to be much more beautiful and configurable, with colors and images. But for some unknown reason, as much as we personalize the subscription it ends up getting different when we put it on iOS.

Here’s a trick to make it the way you want it.

Step 1: Create your signature

You first need to build your HTML signature on your computer, with an external editor. There are even email clients that have this alternative, such as Airmail for Mac, Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail.

If you don’t know much about HTML but still want a more beautiful signature for your emails, you can use online tools, such as the efficient Signature Generator, which allows you to create your signature with images, colors and links to social networks.

Creating signature

Step 2: Installing the subscription

Okay, you’re happy that you managed to create your signature. And now? Time to put it on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You will do this by simply copying and pasting. It’s pretty easy.

If you used the Signature Generator right on the iPad or iPhone, just select the ready signature part and copy the part that interests you (including the images).

Copying the signature

Then you need to leave Safari and go Settings> Mail, Contact, Calendars> Subscriptions. There you will paste the signature as it is. You’ll notice that it won’t look the way you wanted it to, but we’ll fix it now, don’t worry. If you created an HTML signature in another publisher, you need to send it to yourself by email, or post it on a website in order to copy it. It cannot be the raw code, it must be the text already formatted. Then just copy the signature received on the iPhone or iPad and repeat the process explained above.

Creating signature

Pasting the signature

Step 3: Shake to undo

Now comes the big secret. You pasted the signature into the signature area in the Settings, but it was different than you expected, right? Well, right after pasting it, you need to shake the device, until a warning appears. Undo Change Attributes. Touch the option Undo and marvel at the transformation of the signature, just as you imagined. It seems crazy for Apple to make us do this, but that’s how it works.

Creating signature Creating signature

After that, open the Mail app and write an email. Your new signature should appear there, the way you wanted it. ?

Article originally published in iThing Magazine