Manjaro launches software search page with modern and intuitive design

Manjaro creates a new website with a modern and intuitive look, so that users with all levels of knowledge can see what software is available in the distro's repositories.

manjaro-launches-page-of-software-search-with-modern-and-intuitive-design All major Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, and several others, have pages on their official websites dedicated to querying packages. These pages allow users to consult package names and versions that are available in the official distro repositories, without having to install the system.

it is a feature that helps a lot, and saves a lot of work in various situations, such as when we are researching which distro can best serve us. However, often these sites do not have a well-finished and attractive look, especially to lay users. They are pages designed to be functional, but not necessarily beautiful or intuitive.

We can see that Manjaro is increasingly investing in becoming a more viable system for the largest possible number of users, from the most varied levels of knowledge. The most recent investment in this area, precisely the Manjaro Application Discovery, which aims to deliver to users a page with a modern and simplified look so that they can consult all the software available for the distro.

Manjaro Application Discovery was recently opened to the public, is still undergoing some modifications, and it is probably for this reason that some important features are still missing. On the day this article is being written (10/01/2020), there is still no possibility to find packages that do not have cones, and also some information such as software size and version is not available.

Manjaro Application Discovery home page on the day this article is being written.

At the time of writing, the website's database does not have the software available in Snap, Flatpak or AUR. The packages are displayed in a grid layout, with a brief description and the link to the official website for each software. We have already commented several times here on the blog, and even on our YouTube channel, about how important marketing is for the success of a product. The new site being launched by Manjaro is not exactly an advertisement in its most traditional form, but it is nonetheless a way of attracting the attention of less technical users. As we have already seen with the addition of support for Snaps and Flatpaks at Pamac, Manjaro is undoubtedly taking important steps in the direction of creating an entire ecosystem that facilitates use, and is attractive to ordinary users.

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