Manjaro and the controversy with the Offices Suites

The vast majority of Linux distros, by default, deliver Office LibreOffice, which is open source and easily distributed. And Manjaro was not left out, but he decided to innovate and send with a different and closed code. The one that started the confused.

In an announcement on the official district forum, Mller commented that Manjaro RC5 and RC6 trial versions would come with FreeOffice (from SoftMaker) installed by default instead of LibreOffice or MS Office Online.

S that gave a lot of cloth for mango and buzz both in the community and on the internet. Both people praising Manjaro's stance in bringing a company that supports Linux into it, as well as people who disapproved of being closed-source and going against the philosophy of free software.

The noise was so great that Jason (Forbes journalist covering the Linux world) invited Mller to his podcast, LINUX Unplugged, to better explain how this partnership happened. This is the moment of explanation.

In short, according to Mller's words, they chose FreeOffice because of its greater compatibility with Microsoft Office formats such as docx, xlsx and pptx.

With community feedback, both for and against, Manjaro will include the option to choose which Office suite you want installed by default, FreeOffice or LibreOffice. This was possible, thanks to an improvement in Calamares, and this is not only true for Manjaro, but for all distros that use it, which will now be able to give this option to its users. This is very useful. In a response to a Twitter user, SoftMaker said it did not involve money in this partnership, which they offered for their suit and the Manjaro people accepted.

Manjaro also issued a statement in its forum on the subject.

For me, between Dead and Injured, we can take some good things, such as the functionality added to Calamares to be able to choose standard applications (as in your office) who knows does not extend to more software and thus make life easier for users. . In the not so distant future, we will be able to choose the browser, photo editor, image manipulation program, driver installation and so on. The ass is the limit literally.

My Opinion (HenriqueAD) As I follow the discussion of the topic among the community, I realize that many do not understand that Linux does not lose its advantages by having some proprietary software and elements. An ideal world in my thinking would be more open, but we cannot deny reality. Manjaro thought of its users (and new ones) that use MS formats, which are popular for those who work with this type of document. An interesting point is that LibreOffice would always be available, as well as the possibility of removing FreeOffice and not using it. I read many conspiracy theories, but I also saw many wise users who were not tied to a modus operandi and had more open thoughts. Some did not like the idea and would not use it, but simplified it with a simple: "I will remove and install what I want" instead of problematizing. SoftMaker, who knows, may be able to contribute financially to the Manjaro project in the future. Business partnerships to keep the project alive and further improving its infrastructure, as I see it, are welcome. Instead of a project unable to continue. We recently saw an example that ended and would not like in the future Manjaro or any other project to die for lack of support.

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