Managing team work remotely does not have to be a “headache” and Taskade can help

Managing team work remotely does not have to be a “headache” and Taskade can help

It is true that the process of deflation has already started, however many companies are still adopting teleworking strategies to maintain the safety of employees. Maintaining communication between team members and managing projects remotely is not always easy, but Taskade promises to help.

The application was designed to promote collaboration, allowing you to share ideas, manage tasks and track all progress made in real time. Planning is essential to be able to execute projects on time and through the application it is possible to point out all the tasks that need to be carried out and divide them among the employees.

The Taskade's configuration can be structured to adapt to different work rhythms, and can take the form of a list, a task board or a map of objectives to be fulfilled. To help teams align ideas and stay in touch, the app also has a video call feature.

Taskade is available both for Android, in the Play Store, and for iOS, in the App Store. In addition, the application has a version compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux and with extensions for Google Chome, Firefox and Edge to maintain productivity on all devices.

The application has a free mode where users can open up to 10 projects. The teams that plan to use it for all their projects can still opt for the paid plans, with prices starting at 5 dollars per month.