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Manage your Android Music with Clementine

Hello, this tip is really interesting, especially if you have an Android. You can use Clementine to manage your music, add, remove, check disk space etc … Before showing how we can do it let's install (exelente) Clementine In terminal:sudo apt-get install clementine

If you prefer the graphical interface just look for it in the program center.

Well, Clementine installed, time to plug in your Android smartphone.Once connected, navigate through the Clementine tabs to the devices option, in this tab you will have control over the removable media of the smartphone, just double click on the chosen one to mount it.

From here you can enjoy your entire music library. To add a song to the device just right-click on the desired song and send it to the device.

Easy, isn't it? Went! Comment there costs nothing. =)