Manage macOS windows using gestures with the Swish utility

Manage macOS windows using gestures with the Swish utility

The system of gestures MacOS, created by Apple for almost a decade and gradually improved over the years, is the most solid in the world of personal computing. One area, however, is lacking in this catalog of “finger exercises” offered by Ma: window management. Now, no more.

This the Swishis a small utility for macOS created by the developer Christian renninger. Although small and light, the extremely powerful pet, as you can see on the video: with it activated, the user has control over a huge range of gestures to control the windows of your computer, being able to perform the simplest operations more easily. complex with just a flick of your fingers.

For example, you can rest the mouse cursor on the top bar of a window to perform basic commands: drag one finger left (with the other fixed) to “lock” the window to the left corner of the screen or the lower right quadrant ; A pina gesture closes the window. With the cursor in the Dock, you can open new windows and immediately position them where you want, and by placing the cursor on the menu bar you can arrange the windows viewed on the screen.

Yes, there are so many options (maybe it is better to watch the video to get an idea of ​​what I am talking about) and the use of Swish will certainly require a certain learning curve on the part of the user. According to Renninger, however, after a few days of use the gestures will become mechanical for people especially advanced users, who should be the main target audience of the app.

Swish can be purchased from the developer's website by 5th (about $ 22) per there, too, you can download a trial version of the app, valid for a week. It is compatible with macOS High Sierra 10.13 or higher.