Man recovers stolen car with little help from iPhone

Stories of people recovering their stolen iPhones with a feature mill Search iPhone (Find My iPhone) they are not exactly new. This case that we will tell now, however, is different: Chase Richardson used the tool not only to recover his smartphone, like his car and all his other belongings.

As the NewsChannel 5, the story happened last Wednesday (12/26), in Nashville (United States). Richardson was on his way to work one night when he was approached by a thug with a gun while waiting to enter an intersection. The evildoer, Phillip Pickett, ordered Richardson to get out of the car and lay on the floor, an orientation that was promptly followed but not before the victim conveniently left his iPhone (which actually belongs to the company he works for) on the center console of the car, with o Search for connected iPhone.

Before leaving, the bandit even had Richardson hand him his wallet and personal cell phone, meaning basically his entire digital life was in that car. Knowing this, the boy ran to the nearest pharmacy and called the police, who managed to track the stolen car in real time with the Find iPhone.

The chase that followed involved police cars and even a helicopter. Less than an hour after the robbery, Pickett was captured and arrested, he had a criminal record for similar crimes previously and was charged with felony assault, illegal possession of a weapon and attempted prison resistance.

Richardson, for his part, received his car, his devices and his wallet back. Everything ended well. Good, huh?

via Cult of Mac

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