72 iPhones apreendidos em Guarulhos

Man is arrested at Guarulhos Airport trying to enter the country with 72 (!) IPhones

A 38-year-old man was arrested last Friday (10/20), at Guarulhos International Airport, while trying to enter the country with 72 iPhones hidden in the suitcase.

According to a note from Federal Police, the passenger who had arrived from a flight from Dallas (Texas, United States) went to the “nothing to declare” line but ended up being selected and had his luggage inspected, which was when they discovered the devices without import documents.

In testimony, the man arrested for the crime of misappropriation said he was bringing the devices “for repairs” and that he had never done this before. However, the PF found that in the past two years he has traveled more than 20 times outside the country.

These devices will most likely go to auction in a while.

via InfoMoney