Man arrested after billing $ 1 million from Apple for empty boxes

Man arrested after billing $ 1 million from Apple for empty boxes

Between the story of the Chinese student duo and the one we're going to tell now, we can say that the nearly million dollar scam deal on Apple is flourishing.

Who told the case was the MLive: A man from Michigan was arrested after confessing to a scam at Apple that cost nearly $ 1 corn to the company's coffers. What was his method of action? Simple: Tell Ma that orders placed over the internet have arrived with empty boxes and request a refund.

The criminal, called Van-seyla mork, filed complaints on behalf of Apple customers who had recently purchased products from Apple's online store, the buyers in question had no science of the scammer's actions. Mork made a number of such complaints in Apple's customer service department, and in many cases the company simply returned the purchase money without investigating the issue further.

Upon receiving the irregular money, Mork transferred the amount to various bank accounts around the country in an attempt to mask the coup. He was arrested earlier this week by the US Department of Justice and admitted the crime to a San Jose (California) court, saying he knew the products had been delivered correctly.

As the criminal confessed to the scheme, some of the charges against him were dropped; Mork is currently accused of fraud and money laundering. His sentence is due out next October and he could face up to 20 years in prison, as well as a fine of up to $ 750,000.

via Cult of Mac