Make small edits to your PDF documents

Remove, add, extract and rotate pages from PDF documents.

Try a simple, to-the-point PDF file editor to solve a specific situation without many options that might confuse you.


There is a huge range of software in Linux that allows us to edit PDF files, some full featured and present in their offices. However, sometimes simplicity ends up being a valuable feature. After all, we don't always want something very complex, just remove an unwanted page, maybe add a cover or something.

If you want a more advanced tool, please visit the post about Master PDF Editor, if you prefer an Android alternative, consider testing the PDFelement.

Editing PDF documents without difficulty

As I mentioned earlier, alternatives in Linux are not lacking. For years I've been using PDF Mod, because it's very intuitive and it's in the Ubuntu repositories, and all the distributions I've used for work. I confess that the tool is not the most full of features, however, always attended me.

PDF-Shuffler also proposes simplicity of use, handling your PDF documents and modifying them with the melzin in pacifier () program. Here's a video demonstrating the editor.

You can search your distribution store for: pdfshuffler or download it from SourceForge. pdf-shuffer-mod-edit-move-swap-delete-add-page-image-linux-flatpak-flathub-snapcraft-snap

Its installation via terminal in Ubuntu and derivatives, for those who wish, very simple.

sudo apt install pdfshuffler

Removing PDF-Shuffler:

sudo apt remove pdfshuffler

Simple PDF editor in Flatapk

To lovers of Flatpak, PDF Slicer can be interesting. However, it is very lean allowing very few modifications compared to the other editors covered in this post. Its look is equally clean and needs no further explanation. pdf-slicer-mod-edit-move-swap-delete-add-page-image-linux-flatpak-flathub-snapcraft-snap Linux Mint users can search the store directly for: pdf slicerwhile Ubuntu owners will require a previous Flatpak configuration and add the Flathub repository. This post teaches the whole process.. pdf-slicer-mod-edit-move-swap-delete-add-page-image-linux-flatpak-flathub-snapcraft-snap

Adding the Flathub repository via terminal:

flatpak remote-add –if-not-exists flathubhttps: //

Installing PDF Slicer Flatpak via Terminal:

flatpak install flathub com.github.junrrein.PDFSlicer

Removing PDF Slicer Flatpak via Terminal:

flatpak remove com.github.junrrein.PDFSlicer

Remembering that the alternatives presented in this post are not intended to be full of functionality, and depending on the context and user in question, they are more than efficient.

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