Faça mapas mentais no Android em qualquer lugar

Make mind maps on Android anywhere

For those who work on several professional projects, one of the best ways to organize your ideas by making mind maps. With them, you can establish your goals, ideas, steps you need to complete on projects and more. The best there are many apps for making mind maps on Android anywhere.

Everything with MindMeister, which is one of the biggest references when thinking about mind maps. You can use it in the web version or in the latest mobile application they have made available. They not only have ready-made templates, but many tools for you to make your custom maps from scratch if you prefer. To see how to make mind maps on Android, just check out our tips below!

Using MindMeister

As we mentioned earlier, we will use MindMeister to make our mind maps on Android. To get started, you can download the app by accessing the following link.

To sign up very simple, since you can use a Google or Facebook account if you don't want to create a new account.

make mind maps on android mindmeister

It is worth mentioning that it has a subscription system, but you can try it for free for 7 days. So you can see if it really offers you everything you need.

Mind Maps on Android

Once inside the app, you must click on the “New mind map” option or the “+” icon to start making your mind maps on Android. This option allows you to make the map from scratch.

mind maps on android tips

You will then be taken to start customizing your map. Click on the "New mind map" to edit his name to whatever you prefer, be it the name of your project, company or objective.

create a new mind map

Then, you can click on the “+” symbol to create branches. You can also name them any way you want depending on what each one represents.

ramifications of mind maps on android

You can do this as many times as you need, and you can even branch off the branches. It is up to you how you want to create your mind maps on Android.

Another thing that can make you customize your mind maps on Android. To do this, click on the brush cone at the bottom of the screen.

customize mind maps on android

As you can see, there are options to change colors, character sizes, insert emojis and more.

Further down, there are the different styles of maps provided by MindMeister. They are very interesting, so it is worth checking them all out to find out which one fits your projects the most.

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By clicking on the conversation icon, you can still enter opinions on topics, add tasks, notes or links.

Mind Maps on Android Opinions

Everything to make your mind map as complete as possible.

Sharing and exporting mind maps

Another thing that MindMeister allows you to share the mind maps you created on Android. To do this, just click on the person symbol with a “+” at the top right of the screen.

mind maps on android guide

Then click on “Invite People” to proceed.

mind maps on android share

Then, you can enter the person's email so that they can receive your invitation. There is a standard invitation message, but you can change it if you want.

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<p>If you want, you can also export the mind map if you just want to show it ready for other people. To do this, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right part of the screen and select the option “Export”.</p>
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Then choose the format in which you want to export the file.


It may be a good idea to do this in PDF or PNG, which are formats that can be opened on any device.

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