Mailbox arrives for Android: a to-do list email

Mailbox arrives for Android: a to-do list email

Mailbox was launched last year for iOS, and user feedback was very positive, especially because of the app's ability to manage that bunch of emails we receive every day. After this feedback positive, Dropbox bought the company. And finally, an updated version of Mailbox has arrived for Android.

Dropbox Mailbox
Fast and intuitive, can Gmail be threatened by Mailbox? / Mailbox-AndroidPIT

One of the great features of Dropbox's mailbox, in fact, is the way the user interacts with the app by swiping left or right. Thus, by swiping left and right on messages, you perform different actions. Similarly, with long movements, you administer different options. For example, a short stroke archives messages, but a long one deletes them.

Mailbox dropbox android
Swiping left or right lets you control tasks right from your inbox! / Mailbox

Also, another feature that really pleased me – after all I have about 4,500 unread emails in my inbox – that the app makes it possible to resend messages. That is, if I don't have time to read in the morning, I can see the same email at night through a kind of reminder.

Mailbox dropbox resend email android
You can also schedule a "reminder" not to forget to read important emails! / Mailbox

The Mailbox app also introduces a new feature called auto swipe, who learns from his "scams" to automate some actions.

And the cool part of this is that the app is not restricted to mobile devices only, Mailbox also reaches out to desktops, which could be of great use in the future. At the moment, the application has not yet received a version in Portuguese. Another important feature that only Google and iCloud users can use Dropbox mailbox.

To download Mailbox, go to the Google Play store.

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