Problem recharging iPad Pro

Magic Keyboard would be draining the iPad Pro’s battery and not recognizing third-party chargers

THE Magic Keyboard of the new iPad Pro it was widely praised for its trackpad, backlit keyboard and complex lever engineering – but, after the initial “charm”, some users exposed their first frustrations with the accessory.

More precisely, some people have noticed that the iPad battery is dropping rapidly when using the Magic Keyboard with the key backlight on; in some cases, this would be happening even when the iPad Pro is not in use.

It is worth noting that the iPadOS does not specifically separate the battery consumption statistics when the accessory is connected to the device – therefore, there is no way to state that the consumption verified in some cases is considered “normal”; still, it shouldn’t be common for a backlit keyboard with a trackpad to consume so much energy.

It is not clear whether this is a software or hardware problem (or a combination of the two). The staff of iPad Insight addressed this problem and said he was successful in replacing the Magic Keyboard with Apple, as disclosed by 9to5Mac:

In fact, the blog found that the battery dropped only 14% for just over an hour typing with the replacement Magic Keyboard, with the backlight set at around 25%. That [o consumo da bateria] it was 11% less than that seen on the apparently defective unit.

It is too early to know if this would really be a problem, and if it is tied to the accessory’s hardware – presumably, this could also be a software failure, but only Apple can confirm.

Incompatible accessories

As if it wasn’t enough for Apple’s own accessory to be (supposedly) having problems, other people have complained that they can’t recharge the iPad Pro via the Magic Keyboard using some power adapters and USB-C cables.

I tried three different USB-C cables and they all show the “Not charging” alert next to the battery icon (see image).

Problem recharging iPad Pro

The staff of MacRumors reported that he was unable to recharge the iPad Pro‌ using Anker’s PowerPort Atom and Apple’s official USB-C cable. When you connect it through the Magic Keyboard port using this accessory, the tablet refuses to charge and makes the charging sound intermittently.

As with the above problem, it is not clear whether this is a product failure or if it really needs accessories designed specifically for it (which would be a shot in the foot, for obvious reasons).

Until we have an answer, we recommend using official Apple chargers and cables to power the new iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard.