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MagEZ Bar is a magnetic “AirPower”… wall mounted!

It is obvious that after Apple announced the failure of the Airpower, several manufacturers would chase after the technology that Ma "missed", starting a dispute between themselves. In this regard, we commented on the options of Nomad, AirUnleashed and now Pitaka.

PITAKA is known for using and abusing magnetic features, and the company already sells several cases for handset-protected iPhones and wireless chargers with this technology. Not newly released MagEZ Barhowever, the manufacturer decided to counteract gravity by creating a wireless charging base that can be vertically adapted (on a wall, for example) to recharge its gadgets without them falling, of course.

PITAKA's purpose with the MagEZ Bar will help you never lose your essentials or forget them at home, precisely because they would be in a place where you would see them. According to the manufacturer, the strong hands incorporated into the base design ensure that all items are kept safely; besides gadgetsIt is possible to fix keys and basically any metal object to the accessory.

MagEZ Bar

Unlike the idea of ​​AirPower, however, the PITAKA base has specific places that offer two-point wireless charging, more precisely: one of 5W and the other of 10W, which work simultaneously. The rest of the base is made of hands, which allows you to post any other magnetic items.

The MagEZ Bar also comes with a mounting bracket that makes the installation process even simpler, plus USB-C ports on the sides of the base so you can stick it in the best environment for you.

MagEZ In-Room Bar

Now it's time to throw the bucket of cold water: MagEZ Bar requires some of PITAKA's magnetic cases to work; that is, you can't stick your iPhone or AirPods case (second generation or Pro) to the base because it won't stick. So if you already have a PITAKA case for iPhone / AirPods, MagEZ Bar might be a good solution; otherwise it will be necessary to purchase, in addition to the base, the case for each of the Qi charging compatible devices.

The MagEZ Bar is available for $ 150 (more expensive than AirPower supposedly would cost) at the PITAKA online store. Other manufacturer products and accessories are also available from Amazon.

via Cult of Mac