Magellan laptop cloned in Taiwan

Magellan already has a clone in Taiwan. The KuroKids Doraemon netbook is also based on Intel’s ClassmatePC but has custom covers to match the children’s spirit, where the characters from the Doraemon cartoons are not lacking.

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The laptop was launched a few days ago and TeK is trying to find out if the company already knows the Portuguese Magalhães and was inspired by the design of JP Sá Couto, in turn based on Intel’s Classmate PC.

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On sale freely and not integrated into any government initiative, KuroKids has a 1.6 MHz Intel Atom processor, and a 30 GB disk, winning MagalhĂŁes only on the processor. The screen is also 8.9 inches with a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels.

The operating system is Windows XP and dual-boot with Linux is not contemplated, as is the case with the Portuguese MagalhĂŁes. Educational software and a parental protection system are also included.

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The reference price of KuroKids is 488 dollars, well above the value that MagalhĂŁes is distributed in Portuguese schools and even the sale price in stores.

TeK contacted the Taiwanese company to try to obtain more information about this product but did not receive a reply until the time of publication of the article.

Fatima Hunter