Magalhães reaches students in Venezuela on September 16

After formalizing the agreement with the Portuguese Government and JP Sá couto in September last year, Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, now wants Magalhães to be the agent for the introduction of the new organic law of education in schools in the country.

The small laptop that won Chavez’s attention will start to be distributed in schools on September 16, confirmed the president this weekend, although with differences in relation to the Portuguese project that undergo a new name and an operating system open source, based on Debian, developed by the National Information Technology Center of Venezuela.

Canaima operating system

The project now bears the name of Canaima, in reference to the Venezuelan national park that has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In a speech to introduce the new organic education law in Caracas, Chávez explained that the first to receive the new laptop are children from the first grade of education, and guaranteed that the software “is 100% Venezuelan”, according to a quote from ABN ( Bolivarian News Agency)

The president again highlighted the advantages of Magalhães, reaffirming his interest in manufacturing the notebook in Venezuelan territory, with the establishment of a local factory.

The first Magalhães notebooks had already arrived in Venezuela in July, in a total of 50 thousand units. The delivery of half a million units is expected by the end of this year, within a total order of one million notebooks that was formalized a year ago.