«Magalhães» Commission will hear 36 officials

يحسن تصفح الإنترنت الإنتاجية

From the former minister of public works, transport and communications, Mário Lino, to the top official of Microsoft Portugal, the Commission of Inquiry that will analyze the functioning of the Foundation created to manage the funds delivered by mobile operators to develop the Information Society, in the Within the scope of the commitments made when obtaining third generation mobile licenses, you will hear a total of 36 people.

At least for now, since the number may increase, if the development of the works requires it.

The list of members targeted by the deputies that make up the Committee of Inquiry also includes Secretary of State Paulo Campos, the president of FCM, Mário Franco, Freitas do Amaral, as a specialist in administrative law and heads of companies involved in the e-school programs and e-school, including Microsoft, JP Sá Couto, Vodafone, TMN and Optimus, as detailed by Público.

In addition to the hearings, the investigation into how the money handed over by the operators was used, the State’s participation in the projects and the way in which the hardware partner was chosen to manufacture Magalhães will also take place from the access to a set of documents that defined the main rules for the implementation of the two programs.

These documents include protocols and memoranda of understanding signed between FCM and the Fund for the Information Society and the correspondence exchanged with the EC, as part of the process of choosing JP Sá Couto to manufacture Magalhães, which is also investigating.

CI, led by Miguel Macedo of PSD, who started work at the end of last month, has a legal deadline of 90 days to present conclusions of the work.