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Macworld presents "Best of Show" Awards 2009

The editors of the magazine Macworld yesterday presented the“Best of Show” Awards 2009, a list of launches highlighted at Macworld Expo 2009. This year, nine products received the title of best, some of which we have already commented on, including MacMagazine.

Macworld Expo 2009 - Best of the Show

Without further ado, the “Best of Show” Awards 2009 was as follows:

iPhoto ’09: it was seen as the most powerful app among the five in the iLife ’09 suite, released on Tuesday during Phil Schiller's keynote. In addition to taking a leap forward from the previous version with two new ways to organize your photos (Faces and Places), brings integration with two strong social networks (Flickr and Facebook) and news in the production of albums and slideshows.

WebEx for iPhone: free, it allows iPhones users to participate in virtual meetings with presentations and voice, through Cisco's WebEx technology.

Things: task management application for Mac. In addition to having an automatic way of organizing them by their focus, it was developed to allow integration with your newly launched iPhone application. We talked about him a long time ago at MacMagazine and also recently, with details about his final candidate version.

BT-1 Camcorder: Bluetooth webcam, intended for Mac platform users. It allows H.264 video streaming in 640 × 480 pixels resolution, with AAC audio. To be perfect, in my opinion, I just needed to be cute … More details in this article by Newton.

FileMaker Pro 10: traditional database application for the Mac platform. In this version, it brought a new interface accompanied by internal changes to facilitate the automation of routine tasks.

HP MediaSmart Server EX485: developed for use on various platforms, a PC Home Server, which on the Mac can be quite useful for making backups via Time Machine – one, two, several – or as an “iTunes Server”, on which you can centralize all your media content for easy access on all computers.

Pulse SmartPen: allows audio recording and later synchronization with what you write.

DayliteTouch: personal organization application. It allows you to manage your calendar with all your events, projects and tasks, in addition to keeping your data synchronized with the iPhone, through its utility adapted to the device.

Sling Media Sling Player for iPhone: utility for Slingbox, intended for live streaming of TV over the internet through a device connected to a Mac. It allows you to control the Slingbox remotely to watch its content on the iPhone.