Apple denies rumors of interruption in production of 27-inch iMacs

Macworld benchmarks show that there is not so much difference between new iMacs and Macs Pro

In addition to Bare Feats, the magazine Macworld also conducted tests of benchmark with the new generation of iMacs quad-core, launched by Apple last month. Along with them, the previous model of 24 inches (2.66GHz) and Macs Pro with four (2.66GHz) and eight cores (2.26GHz) were also included, proving that Apple managed to bring down the empty space of offer once and for all. of machines between your commercial and professional computers.

Macworld benchmarks for quad-core iMacs

The results of the tests showed that the new iMacs quad-core, equipped with 4GB of RAM, outperform even the two Mac Pro entry models (!) in various tasks, including games, file operations and audio / video manipulation. It is possible to say that they did well because they were able to make big leaps in frequency of operation of the processor, because tasks that expose the power of the multiple cores including several benchmarks aggregates gave victory to Apple's professional desktops.

Still, the two iMacs quad-core were the best in the overall score of Macworld, scoring 209 (Core i5, 2.66GHz) and 225 points (Core i7, 2.8GHz). That is, depending on the tasks performed, for the first time users have much more reason to acquire them, disregarding concerns about their overall performance when compared to Macs Pro.

It is worth remembering that considering an iMac has become something much more tempting: while the Core i7 model costs $ 2,200, the cheapest Mac Pro (and the one with the lowest score between the two) costs $ 2,500. And all desktops all-in-one Apple now comes with incredible monitors, that is, a graphic artist or audiovisual professional does not have a better choice of purchase.