MacUpdate Desktop is everything you need to keep your Mac up to date

MacUpdate Desktop is everything you need to keep your Mac up to date

Since 2011, at the time of OS X Snow Leopard, Apple's desktop operating system has the Mac App Store a repository of paid and free applications / games very simple to use, totally safe and controlled by Ma herself. However, as well as IOS App Store, this store has its rules and limitations, meaning you can't find anything at all on the Mac App Store.

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The way, then, to merge items downloaded from the Mac App Store with others from outside. What many don't know is that there is a utility that manages all of this in a similar or even better way than the Mac App Store: o MacUpdate Desktop, from the famous MacUpdate website.

MacUpdate Desktop is in its sixth version and has existed since before the launch of the Mac App Store. With it you can not only download / install applications among a collection of more than 40 thousand items, but also manage all those that need updates which can be applied with just one click.

Watch a promotional video for MacUpdate Desktop:

And MacUpdate Desktop goes further, offering tips on alternative software, wish list and the main thing, that access to basic apps like Skype, VMWare Fusion, Chrome, Dropbox, OnyX and Spotify none of them distributed by the Mac App Store. It is worth noting that the utility is all in Portuguese from Brazil, too.

MacUpdate Desktop is free to download and use, but only manages up to five updates per month. By paying only US $ 20 per year you get unlimited updates, the wish list and even improve your experience on the MacUpdate website by removing ads and being able to enable email notifications.

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