MacTruck is a hard (and expensive) case for your Apple laptop

This case from RadTech is not very young, but it recently won a version for MacBooks Pro and 17-inch PowerBooks, so it's worth commenting here.

Very rigid, made of 5052-H32 aluminum alloy, MacTruck promises total protection for Apple laptops and is available in two colors: Graphite and Flint.

RadTech MacTruck

The housing contains 5 mm air channels to ensure adequate internal ventilation, Kensington security door and high density internal padding, ensuring good impact resistance.

If you want, you can use the laptop without even having to remove it from the case.

RadTech MacTruck

RadTech MacTruck

Such luxury does not come cheap: the 13-inch model (MacBooks and MacBooks Air) costs $ 220, the 15-inch model (MacBooks Pro and PowerBooks) costs $ 240 and the new 17 (idem) has a suggested price of $ 250.

Will you face it?

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