Rumors: Apple is preparing to launch 27 ″ LED Cinema Display and dodeca-core Mac Pro

Macs Pro users face overheating issues during audio playback

Discussions opened by Macs Pro users on Apple support forums (and also on sites like MacRumors) point to a new problem existing in their latest models, related to the abnormal overheating of the machines. It appears to be linked to audio playback situations, in which the temperature of the desktops comes close to operating limits even when programs like iTunes are using a very small portion of the CPU.

Mac Pro with LED Cinema Display

The affected users found that the power consumption of their Macs Pro is around 3W to 5W when there is nothing running, but any audio reproduction causes it to reach up to 50W, forcing processors to absorb much of that energy. Consequently, it is estimated that their temperatures during such a task exceed 60C, persisting in any task that deals with audio from handling CDs to the simple sound alerts of the system.

Anomalies with audio can be seen on certain machines with no relation to the version of Mac OS X, that is, both Leopard and Snow Leopard are affected. However, the problem does not appear to be hardware specific, as it is not seen when running Windows via Boot Camp. Apparently, it is something involving the Apple system and the desktop, a bug that users expect to be fixed as quickly as possible.

(via MacNN)