Apple confirms that it plans to launch new Macs Pro and iMacs for 2013 [atualizado]

Macs Pro may incorporate hexa-core Intel Xeon “Gulftown” chips in early 2010

As we saw recently, the new iMacs arrived with hardware so powerful that it can already match or even beat current Macs Pro in some tasks. Of course, this is all temporary, until Apple updates its line of professional desktops and, it seems, this upgrade comes with everything.

According to Hardmac (English version of the famous French website MacBidouille), Ma's new towers should incorporate Intel Xeon “Gulftown” Core i9 chips hexa-core (yes, of six cores) and will arrive at the beginning of 2010.

New Mac Pro aside

The new generation of CPUs from Intel promises too much. At a speed of clock current equivalent, benchmarks Preliminaries of the chips show that they operate about 50% faster than Xeon quad-core corresponding, in parallel tasks. With 50% more transistors, they are still able to function using 10% to 50% less energy since they are manufactured by the 32 nanometer process.

But the interesting part even when considering configurations dual of the new Macs Pro, which would give them 12 physical and 24 logical cores. This type of construction has long been anticipated by the industry, which is why Apple has worked so hard on developing Grand Central Dispatch and OpenCL technologies on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. With this, the system and its applications can take full advantage of all the cores present.

The incorporation of “Gulftown” chips in Macs Pro could not make more sense, now that the iMacs are using Core i5 and Core i7 processors. With this launch, Apple would once again establish a justifiable performance variation between its domestic and professional lines.

(via MacRumors)