Mac graphics card

Macs may have a distorted screen problem in Windows 10; know how to solve

Apple has published a new support document addressing some fixes for a very specific issue, in which the right side of the Mac may be distorted when turning the Windows 10.

According to the company, Mac models with graphics AMD Radeon they can face this problem; on external monitors, distortion can affect the entire screen.

In addition, you may have difficulty installing Windows 10 on machines equipped with these graphics, since in some cases, the installer displays an alert that the Mac “is not ready for this version of Windows 10 because it has one driver old AMD graphics ”.

To correct the problem, Apple encourages users to install drivers AMD graphics updated for Windows. If, in your case, they have already updated, there is another way around the problem until AMD offers a correction of drivers for Mac: reduce the screen resolution.

To reduce the resolution of a monitor – or at least most of them, except the Pro XDR Display it’s the UltraFine (4K and 5K), from LG – follow the instructions below:

  1. Right-click (or double-tap the trackpad) on the desktop and choose the “Display settings” option;
  2. Click on “Advanced screen settings”;
  3. From the screen menu, choose the affected screen;
  4. Click on “View video adapter properties from…”;
  5. Click on the “List All Modes” button;
  6. Choose a screen resolution of no more than 3840 × 2160 pixels;
  7. To save your changes, click “OK”.

Mac graphics card

To identify the graphics processor used by your Mac, go to  »About This Mac and see if there is any reference to the “AMD Radeon Graphics Card” in the “Overview” or “Monitors” tabs.

via MacRumors