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Macs, iPads and Apple Watches with AppleCare + are now accepted in Brazilian authorized assists

Last week we reported that owners of iPhones with AppleCare + They can now take their respective devices to be repaired at Apple Authorized Service Centers in Brazil, which until then was limited to two official Ma stores. The good news is that this service expansion was not limited to the iPhone.

O You have received information that from now on, authorized technical support has also accepted the repair / replacement of Macs, iPads and Apple Watches protected by the AppleCare + plan. Information has been confirmed to us again by official support from Apple Brazil.

As we have already explained, the big difference from AppleCare + (new extended warranty offered by the company) to the AppleCare Protection Plan (old, which is still marketed in Brazil for Macs, iPads, Apple TVs and iPods) that the new service covers up to two accidental damages. for a period of two years (for Macs, three) at the following rates:

  • Macs: $ 100 (screen damage) and $ 300 (structure damage);
  • iPads: $ 50 (screen or frame damage);
  • Apple watches: $ 70 (screen or frame damage).

In Brazil, as we have already commented, this charge is not due to a bureaucratic issue and this scenario is repeated in cases involving Macs, iPads and Apple Watches. That is, if you inadvertently wet your Mac keyboard or break the screen of your Apple Watch / iPad, you can now be serviced at an Apple Authorized Service Center and without paying any fees for it.

It is noteworthy, however, that devices that are modified or have non-original parts are not at least covered by Apple Authorized Service Centers; In this case, the way to try to solve the problem at Apple Morumbi (in So Paulo) or Apple VillageMall (in Rio de Janeiro).

In the United States, AppleCare + prices range from $ 70 (iPads) to $ 380 (15 ″ MacBook Pro). We have already published a tutorial on how to buy it from here in Brazil, but we have received recent reports from readers saying that the tip is no longer working and the only way now is to buy it in person right there.

Great news for those who enjoyed a trip abroad and bought a new device with extended warranty!