Macs continue to spread in companies, now with 11% of the total

Windows still dominates handily, it is true, but Apple is not at all stagnant in the corporate segment. According to Ben Gray, an analyst at Forrester, Macs are conquering a significant market in the IT segment.

MacBook Pro on business

From last year to now, Apple's share of US companies rose from 9.1% to 11%, phenomenal growth in such a short space of time. Gray points out that iGadgets (especially the iPad) have contributed greatly to increasing the perception of Ma's brand in the industry.

Microsoft now has 89% of the total, with most of them running in awe! Windows XP. This shows that most companies are still frozen in the past, which means that in a while they will have to renew their installed bases and, who knows, they may start to choose Macs.

The Forrester survey comprised data collections from nearly 2,500 companies, with a total of more than 400,000 computers connected.

(via Macworld UK)