Macs achieve top Consumer Reports research scores

Macs achieve top Consumer Reports research scores

The Macs have several prizes that we know very well. Some features of Apple computers are known even to those who are not Apple users. But compared to other computers on the market, how are users satisfied?

THE Consumer Reports asked 83,000 readers about some aspects of their computers, and our Apple did well on all of them, ZDNet.

Among users with broken or not working notebooks, Apple was 17% while Samsung was 27%, Dell 29%, Lenovo 31% and ASUS 33%. For desktops, the percentage of problems with Ma's computers was 15%. The other manufacturers got 24% (Lenovo), 25% (Samsung), 27% (Dell and HP) and 29% (ASUS).

The biggest research discrepancy, however, was in consumer support services that encompassed 14,889 machines between laptops, desktops, two-in-one PCs and Chromebooks, as well as 9,756 subscribers. CR. In the vehicle survey, 80 means "very satisfied", 60 means "satisfied" and 40 "a little dissatisfied". In this regard, Apple got 82, while Microsoft got 68; Dell went further down to 56. Magazine subscribers said Apple had solved about 79 percent of the problems.

As we've seen several times around here, it's not the first time that Macs are considered the most trusted computers on the market, as well as the company's technical support. Certainly, although some complaints may appear, Ma is always surpassing herself in these respects and very well recognized for that.

via Apple World Today