«MacPad Pro» concept idealizes hybrid Apple device with folding screen

"MacPad Pro" concept idealizes hybrid Apple device with folding screen

Whether due to resistance by the company to certain applications of technologies or even because there are still no functional ways to apply some resource, certain ideas end up existing only in the so-called “concepts”.

Still, as all technology is born out of an idea, it is occasionally interesting to see what the mind-boggling minds of designers bring to the public. So, even if you think Apple will never announce something like the concept below, just admire what has been called “MacPad Pro”.

Just as the name might suggest, this device would be a hybrid between an iPad, a MacBook Pro and even an iMac. Its surface could be used both as a large tablet screen and an iMac screen, but it could also be – see there – folded and used as a completely touch-sensitive MacBook (both the screen and the keyboard). Like the iPad Pro, the “MacPad Pro” would also support the Apple Pencil.

Some elements of the iPhone X are also found in this device, such as the dual camera system at the rear. It would also come with a front camera, but in the concept there is not the infamous «Notch» (crop, test, or whatever you want to call it).

Thinking about hybrid hardware may be a long way from Apple’s philosophy and, even if OLED technology is already being implemented in flexible displays, having a foldable screen as perfect as the one shown in the concept may require a much greater advance than the that we’ve seen on the market.

However, as it is pure imagination, conjectures are always valid.

via Mashable