MacOS High Sierra users report delays in delivering iMessages and SMSs

Two weeks ago, what Apple called the “Supplemental Update” for the macOS High Sierra, but the first update full of corrections and improvements will be the same version 10.13.1 that yesterday won its third beta compilation.

For her, one of my personal expectations that Apple will fix an issue regarding delays in the delivery of iMessages and SMSs, highlighted just yesterday by the AppleInsider.

Basically, the bug causes messages that arrive on the iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch to take minutes or sometimes even hours to finally paint on the Mac. In some extreme cases, certain messages simply do not reach other user devices.

According to the 9to5Mac, the failure may have to do with Messages in iCloud and the suspicion makes perfect sense. Apple promised but ended up not releasing this with the official launch of its operating systems, probably because the synchronization of messages with the cloud was still not working properly.

The bad news that there are reports of beta testers of macOS 10.13.1 saying that Apple has not yet fixed this problem. Let's hope this changes from here to his next test compilation, but for now a possible solution is to disable iMessage in System Preferences and then turn it back on.