iMac Pro from the front

MacOS High Sierra codes reveal more iMac Pro specifications

When Apple announced the iMac Pro at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017, she cited just a few of its specifications – which was enough to consider it a very powerful computer. However, other information was left out, possibly so that there will be some surprise when it is actually launched, in December this year.

However, as nothing escapes the watchful eyes of technological vultures, the blog Pike’s Universum has already taken charge of disclosing some more details of Apple’s powerful all-in-one.

In the blog, the author says that the processors chosen by Apple to equip iMacs Pro would be the Skylake-EX it’s the Skylake-EP, which are based on a platform called Purley.

The information, which he said was taken from some firmware beta version of macOS High Sierra, also indicate that the new all-in-one will have the sockets LGA3647 from Intel, instead of LGA2066. If the information is correct, it means that the iMac Pro could have truly server-based Xeon processors, which is different from the Core-X series based on architectures Skylake and Kaby Lake (using the LGA2066 socket).

iMac Pro from the front

In addition, the author mentions that new computers will receive the Secure Enclave – the “coprocessor” that encrypts the files stored on the machine, which is already present in the iGadgets and MacBook Pro – which suggests it would come with an ARM coprocessor.

And for the skeptics on duty, a good tip that this new information is correct is the fact that, even before knowing about the existence of the iMac Pro, the blog published in April some specifications that ended up proving to be true, such as processors Intel’s Xeon, ECC RAM, SSD storage, AMD graphics and Thunderbolt 3 ports. Even though some other details were inaccurate, he had a good number of hits.

The iMac Pro is expected to hit the market in December and will start at $ 5,000 in the United States.

via MacRumors