macOS 10.15 might be called Mammoth – but the possibilities are many

Let's face it: Since Apple abandoned felines as an inspiration for the baptism of OS X versions macOS, the charm and expectation for the names of future versions has diminished considerably.

Not everyone, after all, who is familiar with the notable tourist spots and places of California, new theme chosen by Ma since OS X Mavericks, in 2013.

Still, fun to speculate about what the company may be keeping up its sleeve and exactly why the MacRumors made an overview of the names of Apple-registered California locations: one of them, after all, should be chosen as the official name of the macOS 10.15, to be presented next week.

The site found 19 records related to California locations owned by Apple.

Several of them, such as Sierra, Mojave, and Yosemite, have already been used; some others have been abandoned midway and no longer have the record kept by Ma.

In the end, four possibilities survive: Mammoth, Monterey, Rincon and Skyline.

Mammoth is the most likely option to materialize for a very simple reason: Apple's most recent registration, purchased at the beginning of the month.

The name refers to Mammoth Mountain and Lakes, a region of California popular for its tourist attractions and travelers heading there for camping or skiing.

The other options are equally Californian: Monterey is a historic city on the state coast; Rincon is a surfing area in southern California; and Skyline refers to Skyline Boulevard, a popular name for Route 35 (a road that starts in San Francisco and runs through the Santa Cruz Mountains).

All of them were registered between 2013 and 2016.

Obviously, all these speculations could be bored and Apple may be preparing the new version of macOS with a totally different name, a record not yet revealed.

Still, fun to discuss these aspects, isn't it?

What are your bets?