macOS 10.14.4 brightens the screen of new MacBooks Air

When Apple announced the new MacBooks Air, potential buyers were slightly disappointed by one of the computer specs: their Retina displays would have a maximum brightness level of around 300 nits, similar to MacBooks and well below 500 nits of MacBooks Pro. A software update, however, has changed that. Yes that's right!

A Reddit user recently noticed that Apple has updated the list of specs for the new MacBooks Air, which now sport a screen of 400 nits. By checking files on the same page, it can be concluded that the change was made on the 29th.

But how is it possible to change an aspect of the machines hardware since they are exactly the same since the release? O MacRumors confirmed with Apple that the change has to do with the macOS Mojave 10.14.4, available since last day 25 apparently, the update corrects the standard brightness of the screen, which made the measurement increase in internal testing of the company.

As much as Apple's answer doesn't say much, it will be interesting to keep up with new MacBook Air testing with the update. In measurements taken prior to the update, different publications obtained discrepant results: in the Laptop mag, the computer screen was able to reach a maximum of 234 nits (far below Apple's own NotebookCheck reached 315 nits.

Did a mere software update really make the MacBook Air screen brighter and more usable in brightly lit environments? We'll see you soon, with the appropriate measurements.