MacBooks Line 2017

MacBooks Stocks [Pro] start to disappear; news on the way?

THE Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) it is not usually the stage for major hardware releases – at least not recently, since the iPhone started having an event just to call its own, in September. But that doesn’t mean that Apple’s biggest event of the year usually goes unnoticed, quite the opposite.

MacBooks Line 2017Current line of Apple notebooks

It is quite normal to see the company update products such as MacBooks, MacBooks Pro, iMacs and others during the event – not least because the Mac line has a direct relationship with developers, since you need one to run Xcode (an indispensable tool in creating apps for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS).

And, if you were waiting for a new Apple launch to switch Macs, you can be excited because everything indicates that we will have at least new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro coming up on June 4th.

If you enter Apple’s Brazilian online store, all of these machines are in stock. But if you enter the American store, then things change a little bit.

MacBook with delivery time after WWDC18

The custom 12 ″ MacBook, with Core i7 processor, is due for delivery on June 6; the two 13 ″ MacBooks Pro without Touch Bar have delivery deadlines for June 4th. The “problem” is repeated in the English Apple store, according to the AppleInsider.

Of the two, one: either this is a temporary shortage of stock and will be resolved very soon, or in fact stocks are running out due to the arrival of new models. And the second option makes a lot of sense, because MacBooks [Pro] there are exactly 353 days without receiving updates – that is, these models sold today were launched at exactly the same period last year.

In particular, I hope that the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro will now come with 1TB of SSD (no more than 512GB on the most expensive model, right, Apple?) And that they also accept 32GB of RAM if the user wants to customize a machine like this (unfortunately Intel is not helping to make this happen).

What’s more, it’s past time for Apple to also show the minimum amount of love for the Mac mini, which has been incredible 1,316 days without receiving an update, and to take the current Mac Pro off the market (its last update was 416 days ago and Apple has already announced that another Mac Pro project will be launched in 2019 – not to mention, of course, with the arrival of the iMac Pro that serves precisely to fill this gap while the new Mac Pro does not arrive).