Company satisfaction index

MacBooks and iPads remain leaders in user satisfaction index

Apple may have its ups and downs in the gadgets, but when it comes to user satisfaction, the company is, in most cases, the best rated manufacturer of all. That hasn’t changed this year, with MacBooks and iPads raising the top of the index American Costumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) by third consecutive time.

The company maintained the same score (83) obtained in the satisfaction survey last year (and in 2017) – an achievement at least considerable in the midst of a very “fervent” market. Although it has not varied for three years, the score remains higher than that achieved by Samsung (81), Amazon (79), HP (78) and Acer (77), among others.

Company satisfaction index

According to the survey, Samsung leads the user satisfaction index in the desktop segment, with Apple appearing in second place. However, this situation changes when it comes to notebooks and tablets, in which Apple comes first.

Among the aspects analyzed by the firm are the design, resources and apps available to gadgets from each of the manufacturers – in all, ACSI claims that Apple offers “the best aspects of the customer experience”.

With regard to overall customer satisfaction, Macs (or PCs), notebooks and tablets still lag behind smartphones; already between desktops and notebooks, the former please users more.

Satisfaction index for desktops, laptops and tablets

For its research, ACSI combined performance results from the analyzed devices and interview data with approximately 300 thousand users to analyze the satisfaction of these consumers with hundreds of companies in different sectors.

via MacRumors