MacBooks Air and Pro owners suffer from connectivity problem with USB accessories

Some owners of MacBooks Air and Pro (13-inch), both launched in 2020, claim to be experiencing problems with the connectivity of USB 2.0 accessories from USB-C hubs since these machines are only equipped with Thunderbolt 3 ports.

According to complaints, made in the MacRumors forum, on Reddit and in Apple's own support community, USB accessories connected to hubs simply stop working, randomly.

At random times during the day (sometimes up to two or three times a day), the Logitech G602 mouse and the external Apple keyboard stop responding completely and only a reset restores functionality.

Another user claims that this happens with more than one type of USB-C hub, making him believe that the problem is not on the accessory side. In addition, this would also be affecting more than one gadget connected to the same hub.

At random times, USB devices connected to the Mac via a USB-C hub simply lost their connection and stopped working at the same time. This happened with two different hubs (both expensive, one of them Satechi, recommended in several threads), so I'm inclined to rule out that the hubs are defective.

I have a few things connected to the hub: HDMI for an external monitor, USB audio interface (powered by the Mac) and a mouse. When the problem occurs, the mouse and the USB audio interface stop working, but the HDMI connection keeps working smoothly, every time.

The problem occurs at random times and there is no way to reproduce it. It seems to be happening more often when at least two USB devices are connected at the same time.

There are many other similar complaints about connectivity and crash issues when using USB accessories, although there seems to be no clear standard of what devices are affected or when the problem occurs making it difficult to determine what could be causing disconnections.

A Reddit user found that USB 2.0 devices that do not respond remain connected “indefinitely” in System Information, even if disconnected from the hub, while USB 3.0 devices behave correctly. He managed to solve the problem with a CalDigit hub, but it is not known if this fix will work for all affected machines.

Many people have contacted Apple to resolve the issue, with some customers having their machines replaced but some users have reported that the problem persists on the replacement Mac.

Have you faced or are you experiencing a similar problem? Tell us!

via MacRumors