MacBook Pro without Touch Bar launched in 2017 may fail SSD / logic board

THE MacRumors reported today that, according to an internal memo distributed to official stores and Apple Authorized Service Centers, Apple has identified a very limited hardware problem affecting the latest models (released in 2017) of 13-inch MacBooks Pro without Touch Bar (with function keys).


The document – distributed last weekend – says that when the SSD or the logic board of the machine fails, both components need to be replaced simultaneously. Apple does not specify the possible reason why the two parts will necessarily be exchanged (or the reason why they fail together), nor even the percentage of machines that may be suffering from it.

Still according to the memo, the problem does not affect other models of the MacBook Pro line with Touch Bar – not even the MacBook Pro without Touch Bar launched in 2016; the focus is really on 2017 model without Touch Bar.

Replacement of the SSD and logic board is not necessary when other problems affect the machine, such as a defective screen, unresponsive trackpad, etc. Component replacement is authorized as long as the MacBook Pro has not been damaged by liquid or other accidental damage; the repair time, of course, varies according to the location / stock of parts.

If you are experiencing this problem, you can start the process to exchange parts through the Apple support page, by phone or even by chat.

It is worth noting that these machines may also suffer from a problem related to swelling batteries – for this case, there is a global replacement program which was launched last April.