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MacBook Pro users launched in 2011 complain about GPU problems

Some owners of MacBooks Pro released in 2011 are experiencing problems with the GPU (graphics processing unit, or graphic processing unit) of the machines. A topic on the Apple Support Communities forum now has more than 176 discussion pages; in addition to it, a Facebook group is also very busy.

Problems vary: flaws in the screen when running games / apps that require a lot of GPU, very visible lines, distortion of images, black screens and even automatic reboots which remain with blue / gray screens. Everything can be temporarily solved by restarting the machine in the case of blue / gray screens, Apple suggests a reboot in Safe Mode followed by a system reinstallation, but a new ?stress? on the GPU is enough for the failures to return.

MacBook Pro (2011) with GPU problem

The company did change the GPU for some of these affected machines (all AMD, including the Radeon HD 6490M, 6750M and 6770M), but the problems were not resolved according to reports. Because of this, some already speculate that the problem has to do with the heating of the notebooks and not with the GPU itself.

Will we see a recall (replacement program) for these machines, just as happened with iMacs released the same year?

(via MacRumors)