MacBook Pro saves man in shooting at Florida's Fort Lauderdale airport

This week, a sniper opened fire at Fort LauderdaleHollywood International Airport in Florida (United States), killing five people and leaving eight others injured as reported by CNN.

Esteban Santiago (26, native of Alaska and who apparently had a military credential) took a gun from his checked baggage and opened fire on innocent people who were picking up their luggage on one of the airport's many conveyors. One of these people was Steve Frappier, who had just landed with his backpack on his back. Upon noticing the shots, he threw himself on the floor to try to protect himself.

While on the floor, he felt something hit his back, but he thought it was some baggage falling off the conveyor or something. Then, when the incident was over and he went to the bathroom to see if everything was in order, he realized how lucky he was: Frappier was hit by a bullet, but his backpack (more specifically, MacBook Pro) served as shield.

MacBook Pro hit by a bullet

He then handed the backpack to the FBI as part of the investigation. THE bureau concluded that the 9mm bullet found inside the backpack (thanks to the impact it suffered from the MBP) came out of Santiago's gun.

According to Frappier, he quickly placed the MBP in his backpack before leaving his plane, leaving (unintentionally) the lid slightly open. The FBI believes that the bullet first hit the screen; then the MBP's aluminum body and battery, finally exiting through one of the machine's side air outlets.

It is worth noting that it was not a point-blank shot; the bullet was rebounded, and only then did it go towards Frappier's backpack. Still, we can say that the MBP must have saved his life.

(via AppleInsider)

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