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MacBook Pro Recall: Reports Indicate 27 Overheated Battery Cases

Last week we reported that Apple put in action a recall to replace some batteries in MacBooks Pro (15-inch model manufactured in 2015), which were marketed between September 2015 and February 2017. The reason? They could overheat and in some extreme cases explode. For today information has emerged about some cases.

THE US Consumer Product Safety Commission (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC) reported that Apple received 26 reports overheating batteries in the affected notebooks. Of these, 17 involved minor damage to something or item near the Mac, 5 involved minor burns, and one was related to smoke inhalation.

In total about 432 thousand units of these MacBooks Pro were sold (remembering that we are talking about an American commission, therefore encompassing only US data) in the period; the Canadian commission, in turn, reported that the total of potentially affected MacBooks Pro in the country 26 thousand (with just 1 report incident).

Although 27 cases (summing the Americans with the Canadian) is a relatively large number, we are talking about one case in every 16.9 thousand MacBooks Pro ie 0.005% affected Macs, given the data released so far.

Even so, of course, more than Apple's obligation to initiate this recall.

via MacRumors