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MacBook Pro 16 ″ owners report problems with external monitors

New day, new problems: this time, some users are suffering from problems related to the 16-inch MacBook Pro more specifically, when machines are connected to external monitors.

Several complaints have been posted on Apple's support forums, Reddit and Mac Power Users. The problems are not always the same, but in many cases MBPs are overly hot (over 65C) when connected to one or more monitors; the fans start working at full speed, preventing users from even listening to music or participating in calls.

Overheating brings other problems. In some cases, the MacBooks panel is blinking continuously; in others, some functions of the machine cease to function, such as brightness control, USB connection, webcam for external monitors and sound sources. Another user reported that his MacBook (also connected to an external monitor) invariably crashes after waking up, returning to normal only after a forced restart.

Apple has yet to comment on the issues, so there is no way of knowing whether the problem is in fact a widespread software / hardware error or simply represents some isolated cases. The fact that connecting your MacBook (whatever it is) to an external monitor will make it more than usual the problem when this heating goes beyond levels considered safe and starts to affect other functions of the machine.

Remember that all 16 ″ MacBooks Pro (even without AppleCare +) are still under Apple's warranty, since the model was launched less than a year ago; on the other hand, taking the machines to a Ma store or to an authorized technical assistance, at this moment, is much more difficult than in normal times. It would be interesting, therefore, for the company to pay attention to the problem on its own.

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