MacBook Air stocks are thinning, update to be imminent [atualizado]

According to the AppleInsider, inventories of Apple's ultra-thin notebook are gradually becoming scarce at third-party resellers. This is usually the second sign that an update is about to happen (the first is rumors and the third is an invitation to an event or the Apple update).

MacBook Air mockup with 11.6 screen

The fact that, of all the stores that THERE monitors to feed your price guide, only one account with the 1.86GHz MacBook Air model, while two no longer have stocks of 2.13GHz. Such scarcity is unprecedented, they say, even though it was more or less announced for some time now, with low stock warnings encouraging consumers to buy their ultra-thin Mac soon.

The Air has long been in need of an update, and recent rumors suggest that a reduction in size (and perhaps price) will be the order of the day. In addition, there are also rumors of a well-deserved renewal in the creativity and productivity suites of Apple, iLife and iWork. After all, it's October, new Macs.

Update (7/10)

THE TUAW it also says that Apple would be removing all external SuperDrives units for MacBook Air from its stores yet another indication that new models may arrive soon.