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MacBook Air is cheaper in Brazil; 13 ″ MacBook Pro, more expensive

With today's release, in addition to reorganizing its notebook line, Apple also shifted the prices of the machines.

We United States, the MacBook Air got a little cheaper while the 13 inch MacBook Pro kept its price (but won the Touch Bar).

At the BrazilHowever, both models had their prices changed. Check out what has changed:

MacBook Air

In the US, the reduction in MacBook Air values ​​was $ 100 before, the notebook cost from $ 1,200; now it comes out for $ 1,100.

In Brazil, the prices also went down and were like this: R $ 9,700 (128GB model) and R $ 11,300 (256GB model), respective decreases of 6,7% and 5,8% in practice, a cut of R $ 700 in each one. of the models.

13-inch MacBook Pro

As we said, in the US the price of this new machine has remained stable (starting at $ 1,300) even with the addition of Touch Bar on entry models. Here, however, we had an increase / readjustment.

The more affordable 13-inch MacBook Pro (with 1.4GHz four-core processor; 128GB SSD) now comes out for $ 12,000 instead of $ 11,700 (2.6% increase); Already the model with the same processor and 256GB is costing $ 13,600 instead of $ 13,300 (increase of 2.3%). In practice, we are talking about $ 300 more in each of them.

Price drop in SSDs

On basically all Macs, you can customize the size of the SSD. The good news is that Apple has also moved these values, making cheaper storage less expensive.

In the US, as reported by the MacRumors, the drop was about $ 200 for the 1TB upgrade, $ 400 for the 2TB upgrade, and $ 1,400 for the 4TB upgrade. The reductions follow this average and are valid for the whole line (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini and even the dying Mac Pro) respecting the storage limit of each computer, of course.

Earlier, for example, when customizing a 15-inch (top-of-the-line) MacBook Pro with 1TB SSD (it comes with 512GB), you had to shell out an additional $ 400 l; Now you pay $ 200 for the customization.

“In Brazil, the fall was also significant. In the example above, previously upgrading from 512GB to 1TB is for $ 3,200 (if my memory still works correctly); Now it's coming out for $ 1,600.