Steve Jobs VS Bill Gates

Mac versus PC – Apple's snares with Microsoft

If today, which is often a wave of Windows and Mac, the Linux crowd in the past was not like that, by the way, Apple has spent a lot of dollars making it look like a thing of the past with a series of commercials to sell Apple computers. , and what do I think of that? I think it's great, I find it too funny! Worth seeing … = P

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Zoeira in the corporate world

I find it too funny these provocations that happen among the tech giants, some are well founded and some not so, if nowadays Apple smashed by Samsung that put iPhone chargers in airports with the Galaxy S5 logo saying that the battery lasts 3 more times (huehuehuebrbr), it was formerly Apple that trolled Microsoft.

In the mid 2000s, for 4 years Apple produced commercials comparing Macs with PCs running Windows and we could find one compiled with virtually all of them dubbed in Portuguese and with a surprise at the end yet, check out:

I don't know if you know the one from Windows XP running Matrix, even Ubuntu mentioned at the end, if you haven't seen check it out here. And as if that were not enough, it seems that Microsoft tired of taking "bad things" and decided to retaliate but attacking Google, look here.

And I here using Linux and losing this spree … that peninha = D