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Mac support is again considered the best by Laptop Mag

For a long time now, Laptop mag annually conducts a survey among computer manufacturers to determine which one provides the best remote support to their customers. In 2019, as it has been for many years, it gave Apple in leadership.

The magazine test is done “in the field”: editors and journalists of the publication contact companies anonymously, asking for help on a range of topics and noting answers, detecting failures and recording the time needed to resolve each issue.

In the case of Apple, the researchers requested support in aspects such as enabling Dark Mode on macOS Mojave, canceling automatic updates, and turning off MacBook cameras. In the end, Ma won 91 points between 100 possible, 54 (60) for internet support and 37 (40) for telephone support.

THE Laptop mag He praised Apple's ability to provide fast and effective support, with tip-to-tongue answers and seemingly broad knowledge of all aspects of Macs, both hardware and software. The average time of calls to Ma was 6 minutes and 40 seconds, while problems faced via chat were resolved in 5 to 9 minutes.

Laptop Mag ranking by computer manufacturers support

The only case an attendant stumbled a bit was when asked about turning off the MacBook webcam he stated that he “just put a piece of tape under his camera” and it took 5 minutes to get back with an answer, instructing the researcher on how to turn off camera access app by app. He did not delve into more technical options, such as Terminal shutdown of the component.

Among the other manufacturers, Razer (which, it should be remembered, is a much smaller company focused on the specific niche of gamers) took second place with 88 points, 58 of which in internet support more than Apple. Dell, Samsung and ASUS completed the Top 5, while the Microsoft ranked eighth and the MSI bittered the flashlight.

The results, of course, reflect the experience of journalists from Laptop mag in the United States; Business support in other countries, such as Brazil, may vary. How have your experiences been?

via AppleInsider