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Mac sales drop, but Apple gains space in computer market

Last time we talked about global sales of computers (and therefore of Macs), the scenario was positive: the market had seen a very nice jump in numbers, and Apple had grown faster than the competition, gaining ground. Now things have changed a bit: the segment has retracted again and Ma has also sold less but continues to expand its share.

Gartner on computer market in Q1 2019

Data from two of the world's largest research firms, Gartner and the IDCshow how much the PC market is doing. According to the first, the combined manufacturers had a 4.6% drop in sales in the first quarter of 2019 over the same period last year. Apple, which ranked fourth among the companies, sold just under 4 million Macs in this range a fall of 2.5% over first quarter sales of 2018.

Even so, Ma increased its market share By falling at a slower pace than the industry: 6.6% of the market, the company now has 6.8%. The leaders (Lenovo first followed by HP and Dell), however, are taking off as the three were able to see an increase in sales in the first quarter over the same period last year.

ASUS and Acer, which are below Apple, also did, and the strongest retraction was in the “Other” segment, which encompasses all other brands: a 20.9% drop, attributed by Gartner mainly shortage of low-cost Intel processors that forced manufacturers to turn to smaller-scale AMD solutions.

IDC, which uses a different method of estimation, reported overall similar numbers to Gartner; the only significant difference from the top two (here, HP switched places with Lenovo and gained market leadership). About Apple, the firm commented that its latest models were not received with much animation and analysis pointing to possible hardware failures could affect sales more in the coming months.

Computer Market IDC in Q1 2019

The firm also commented on the performance of the Latin American computer market, stating that, even with unfavorable economic conditions in countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico in the first quarter, PC sales were better than expected and numbers were down by less than 10%, contrary to the 13% downturn forecast.

Both IDC and Gartner surveys, as you recall, do not take into account iPads or Chromebooks; devices SurfaceOn the other hand, they get into the cake, which makes sense, since they are meant to replace “complete” computers, unlike Apple tablets.

via MacRumors