Mac Pro users are in trouble with the Magic Mouse

Mac Pro users are in trouble with the Magic Mouse

Although the Magic Mouse is a good product and stands ahead of its predecessor, not all of its users are satisfied with the accessory, especially the owners of the latest generation of the Mac Pro. Use it with the most expensive (and powerful) desktop ) already produced by Apple appears to be impossible, due to successive drops in connection between the two, which were only verified with this machine.

Magic Mouse (profile)

Worst of all, this is not a mouse problem, but rather the Mac Pro itself. The position of its internal Bluetooth antenna was greatly compromised by the review that Apple made in its design, which placed the component under plastic protection inside the machine.

This impairs the reception of signal from the Magic Mouse with the tower, something that already generates several discussions in the Apple support forums at this time. The only apparent solution to the flaws is not the accessory, nor the Mac Pro: many people there are advised to purchase an external Bluetooth antenna and connect it to a USB port on the machine.

For these users, it would be convenient for Apple to launch a wired Magic Mouse: – /