Mac owners can now contract AppleCare + with accidental damage coverage

Mac owners can now contract AppleCare + with accidental damage coverage

One more small change in Ma's guts went unnoticed in today's keynote, but it will surely take away the headache of many owners of Macs particularly careless or unfortunate. Starting today, Apple will sell its most comprehensive protection plan, the AppleCare +, also to their computers. In other words, consumers who want to insure their precious Macs from accidental damage can now do so, as has always been possible with iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

Just so that no one gets lost, Apple has offered an extended warranty plan for Macs since basically, the so-called AppleCare Protection Plan. Now, however, this discontinued service is replaced by the AppleCare +, which also covers, in addition to the technical defects previously noted, accidental damage that may come to your precious computer for three years from the date of purchase.

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As always good to remember, Apple still does not sell AppleCare + in Brazil, but already officially serves those who have contracted the plan out of the country; You can buy the service online (you only need to have your machine's serial number) or abroad at any Apple store. But beware: as you informed us @ pll20161, the terms of the Brazilian AppleCare have not yet changed to let you know if the company covers accidental Mac damage in Brazil, so please be advised first of all.

AppleCare + prices for Macs in the United States are as follows:

  • Mac mini: $ 99
  • iMac: $ 169
  • Mac pro: $ 249
  • MacBook / MacBook Air: $ 249
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro: $ 269
  • 15-inch MacBook Pro: $ 379

Remember that because of this accidental damage coverage, AppleCare + can only be purchased from your new device or within 60 days of purchasing it, for example, you cannot purchase an AppleCare + on the last day of the official warranty. A year offered by Apple, as was possible in the “old” AppleCare Protection Plan.

Outside, Mac service charges cost $ 99 for damage to the display or outer casing and $ 299 for any other damages; The contractor may request up to two repairs for these values ​​during the warranty period. That is, if the unmentionable happens, like a naughty cup of coffee on your keyboard or a fall to the ground because of a trip in the charger (I wonder if anyone ever thought to put a hand on that connector), you can be more relaxed .

via MacRumors