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“Mac mini” with Face ID, near-infinite screen and Touch Bar? Only in this concept

One of the things I admire most about technology is the thinking heads that live in it. From the most ingenious thing to the most bizarre, it's just nice to see different things pop up all the time.

After imagining what a Startless iPad with Face ID and almost borderless screen would look like, now it's time for another designer to conceptualize a next generation of Mac miniSince Ma's own CEO stated that the line has not yet died.

"Mac "Mac

His monitor (Mac mini has a monitor ?!) would be quite thin and almost borderless, following the design of the iPhone X. And if you thought that piece of hardware between the screen and keyboard would be a mere Touch Bar, look again:

It's all here

Inside the Taptop are all parts of a normal computer, besides having an integrated power adapter, microphone, speaker, etc.

Mac mini concept with touch bar

You who follow Apple's world may have probably been bothered or at least surprised that a Mac mini was portrayed as a All-in-oneand its intent was never to be a continuation of the iMac line.

In fact, the designer Louis berger called his creation “Taptop computer”But since the whole operating frame is in the near-barrel that we see with the Touch Bar, it's much more for Mac mini than iMac, whose frame is on the monitor itself.

"Mac "Mac

In addition to functioning as a real Touch Bar, which shows different options as an app appears on the monitor, the App Dock is also on it, and can be called just as an iPhone X invokes the Home Screen, just by dragging up.

The new hardware would have this shape and angle to make two things easier: the user's touch while typing, and to make Face ID and presence sensors easier to run.

Check out more concept images:

"Mac "Mac

Although the idea has not been inspired by any rumor, it is very nice to see the imagination flowing in this way, and in the end it brings good discussions. And you, what did you think? 😉

via Cult of Mac