Mac mini with 1TB storage option? It will be possible?

Mac mini with 1TB storage option? It will be possible?

A press release published by SeeFile Software accidentally brought up a rather curious rumor, or a simple misconception: in addition to indicating that the new Mac mini will be released tomorrow, it is said that it will bring up to 1TB storage option.

Supposed new Mac mini

In the note, informed that the new Mac mini supports SeeFile 4.6, which is a new digital resource management solution that should be launched during the fair. The same company also offers the application in conjunction with a Mac mini. In the same news, comes the bomb, confirmed even by a company spokesman: the Mac mini will be sold together with the application in an option with 1TB of internal storage.

You can't think of that much space, considering that the current Mac mini offers only 160GB at most. No other details about Apple's “new hardware” were given, but now I'm just wondering one thing: if the Mac mini supports 1TB of storage, how much will the iMac and Mac Pro support? Whatever the answer, we'll know tomorrow.

(Via: Ars Technica.)